The story of Salumificio F.lli Lombardi began in Florence during the early following years of World War I.
In the historic headquarters in Via Gian Paolo Orsini 18 / r, Guido Lombardi gave birth to the production of Tuscan salami and those had been soon appreciated and sought after by all gourmets of the city.
The name of Lombardi brothers crossed the city walls and was soon well known beyond the Tuscany.
The historical headquarter in Gian Paolo Orsini street has been renewed several times in order to respond to the increasing demands of the market.
In November 1966 the Great Flood which covered the city of Florence damaged seriously the building, forcing Lombardi brothers to suspend the production.
After that the Family rebuild all the structure, and in a short time the historical place began to be too small to satisfy their client. For this reason, in 1995 has been inaugurated the new Production Building at Ginestra Fiorentina, a few steps from Florence, obtaining the stamp C€.