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HAND-TIED TUSCAN SALAMI (the price refers to the single product)

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HAND-TIED TUSCAN SALAMI (the price refers to the single product)

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Price: €16.00
Our Tuscan Salami, available in various sizes including hand-tied ropes, a strong flavor and a pungent scent, all the passion of those who work these meats, using recipes handed down forever. Ideal as an appetizer, but also for a tasty sandwich.

Weight approx. 1.00 kg

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Tuscan salami

is appreciated throughout Italy for its delicate and savoury taste. It is characterized by a thicker meat texture because the fat part is coarsely grated into large pieces, just like in the past. In fact, the processing method has remained unchange and this has allowed

Tuscan salami

to preserve its unique aromatic taste and the intense dark red color.

A bit of history…

Good is really good, tasty too,

Tuscan salami

is a real delicacy.
And Pliny the Elder knew it too. He lauded the sensational flavor of

Tuscan salami

in his works, especially in Natural History, which let everybody know this typical product of the Tuscan dairy tradition.

Preparation of Tuscan salami

In fact, considered a specialty of the Tuscany region, hand-tied Tuscan salami is a sausage with several parts of the pig: shoulder and thighs for the lean, back for the fatty part.

The lean meat is finely chopped and left to rest for 3-4 days at low temperatures, after which pieces of fat are sliced into pieces. The obtained mixture is salted and flavored with pepper and other aromas and stuffed in natural bowels.

From 20 days to 12 months at a temperature of 11 °, 12 °

Salumificio Lombardi's Tuscan salami

is then hand-tied with rope and sold in pieces of 1 kg, while Tuscan salami is available in pieces of 400 gr.

Great with bread!


the hand-tied Tuscan salami

is perfect with Tuscan bread .... a real treat! Two completaly different tastes that come together in one intense bite.

And then the

Tuscan salami

becomes the protagonist of appetizers and aperitifs perfect to savor with a good red wine such as the precious Brunello di Montalcino, which exalts its flavor.

Remember, do not throw anything away of

tuscan salami

! It can be used as an ingredient for the preparation of a very good salty cake or combined with a tasty bean soup! And to prevent it from oxidation, we advise you to wrap it with a rag and keep it in a dry place.

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HAND-TIED TUSCAN SALAMI (the price refers to the single product)