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Excellent ham, made from selected meats, seasoned to perfection and cut into slices to be best enjoyed by all. It combines all the flavor and taste of Tuscany!

Slice, weight 1.5 Kg

Use and combination: Nothing better for a picnic or a tasty snack: Tuscan bread and ham!
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Italian ham

is a typical

Made in Italy product

known throughout the world for its intense and determined taste, and its genuine flavor that recalls ancient traditions and reflects unique attention to all stages of processing.

Tasty as an appetizer,


is perfect for making sandwiches and accompanying other foods such as mozzarella, cheese and salads.
But it is when you eat it alone, slice by slice, that you taste all the typical Italian flavor and appreciate that aftertaste strong but sweet.

Aging of ham

Italian ham

is perhaps one of the healthiest and most natural foods you eat every day thanks to the few ingredients it contains, such as meat, salt and pepper.

But how do you preserve this good food?

Once, ham was one of the most consumed foods and, in all regions, families used to prepare it at home.
Due to the large amount of cut meat, however, raised the problem of how to keep it in the long term.

From here comes the aging of

Italian ham

: after the meat has been left to rest at a refrigeration temperature, the meat is covered with salt for two weeks, so that the water is completely absorbed. After that the remaining salt is completely eliminated and the ham usually rests from two to three months in a humid environment.

After passing this short period, it passes to the actual aging and following the sifting, which is considered the most important and delicate stage of the whole process: after 18 to 24 months in the aging ham is inserted a bone needle in precise points, in order to test whether in this time the meat has undergone a change in both taste and consistency.


And we come to the perhaps more interesting part: the recipes! There are so many tasty and delicious ways to eat

Italian ham

, both as a single plate or combined with other ingredients.

Rice, ham, and melon salad

A cold and colorful plate perfect for the summer. It's easy to prepare, ideal for a beach lunch with friends.

Basmati rice
Melon cantaloupe
Sale and oil

The first thing to do is cook the rice, drain it and season it with a pinch of oil.
Then it melts the melon, which is cut in half and emptied of the pulp.
Cut the ham and then the cheese into cubes.

Finally stir rice, cheese and ham together with a pinch of salt. Leave it in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

For a more scenic presentation, use the melon shell as a plate!

Roll with Ham and Cheese

A roll of puff pastry
200 gr of raw ham
Cheese cut into cubes

The recipe is really fast and easy to prepare. Just take a roll of pasta and add the Italian ham and cheese cubes. Bake at 180 degrees and you've done!
After just 20 minutes the roll of pasta rolls with ham and cheese is ready to be served!

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