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Delicious and grade obtained from pigs, bacon finds many uses in cooking, flavoring and enriching first and second courses.

Vacuum packed 300g

Use and combination Cut a slice a bit high, do it in cubes and conditeci a superb carbonara.

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The Italian bacon

is a pork salami prepared with part of pork’s belly. It is a very tasty food because it is made of fat and a layer of meat that makes the bacon really savory.

Italian bacon (“pancetta”)

is used throughout the world as a basic ingredient for first courses and abundant breakfasts, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries and in America where the

”pancetta” is named bacon


Different kinds of bacon

Italian bacon

can be eaten fresh and aged, according on its different uses and the market there are two variants, such as:

Outstretched bacon: with or without rind has a sweet taste that can be used both as cured pork meat and as an ingredient to flavor or wrap other foods.
Rolled Bacon: Bacon is rolled and flavor with other spices and aged longer. It is eaten like a salami.

In Italy

Italian bacon

is produced in many regions and has been recognized as a regional food product, and in two cases it has been awarded the trademark DOP (Protected Designation of Origin):
- Pancetta Piacentina Dop
- Pancetta calabrese DOP

How to eat italian bacon


bacon is a very good salami

used in many recipes and to flavor a variety of dishes.
It is very appreciated by lovers of savoury and decided taste, as in the case of Carbonara and Amatriciana, which is perhaps considered among the most popular recipes in Italy.

And again, peas and bacon, pasta with zucchini and bacon, stuffed potatoes with bacon, omelette with bacon and onions and lots of other super tasty recipes!

Pancetta vs Bacon

: who wins?

One is the essential ingredient in the bucatini alla matriciana and the pasta alla carbonara, the other is often associated with junk food and the fat breakfasts typical in America. The first is made with the pork belly, the second also with other parts of pig like shoulder, back, hips.
It is a conflicting relationship the one between pancetta, jowl bacon, and bacon, a diatribe that sees the defenders of italic taste against the lover of a more decisive bacon taste.

And what do you prefer?

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